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3 consejos de seguridad para los viajes del fin de semana

As summer draws to a close, many families take advantage of the long Labor Day weekend to make one last road trip before cold weather sets in. The greater volume of vehicles on the road can put you at risk for traffic accidents.

With careful planning and consideration ahead of time, you can keep your family safe on the road so that you can enjoy your holiday weekend travel and avoid motor vehicle accidents and other adverse events.

1. Take a cell phone and charger

A cell phone can be your lifeline in case of an accident or other emergency. According to AAA, you should keep your phone with you at all times while traveling, as well as a charger that plugs into the 12-volt outlet in your car so you can replenish the phone’s battery as you drive.

2. Get a maintenance check

Make sure that the vehicle is already in top condition before setting out. Have a thorough inspection done before a long trip, and make sure that it includes the tires. Budget enough time prior to the trip so that you can have any parts repaired or replaced as necessary.

3. Stagger your departure times

Since family travel and road trips are popular during holiday weekends, you may find that there is more traffic on the road than usual. To avoid fighting the crowds, you can schedule to leave at a time of day when the traffic is likely to be more favorable. This may mean departing later in the day or earlier in the morning than you would otherwise.

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